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MDS 101




MDS 101



MDS 101 Key Benefits

  • The best Unlimited 4G LTE data connectivity
  • Unthrottled; will not slow to 2G/3G when data runs out
  • Multi-User capable, thus ideal for charter yachts
  • Fixed costs starting at $250 per month (plus taxes)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer warranty
  • Covers 96% continental USA
  • Small and easy to install
  • Integrates with various on-board Wi-Fi equipment
  • High speed data; up to 25MB download speed
  • 220v AC, 110v AC, 12v DC capable
  • External antenna kit available

MDS 101 is Pure High-Speed Freedom!

Traditional cellular hardware and service providers shackle you with unlimited service that mysteriously slows down when you reach your “unlimited” data limit. Most noteworthy, the MDS 101 wireless router allows multiple users true unlimited, unthrottled 4G LTE data connectivity, therefore you can stream music and movies, surf the web, and handle emails simultaneously, all at one fixed cost. Simply connect the wireless router to your existing on board Wi-Fi network, and you are ready to enjoy unlimited, unthrottled data usage.

Read more about our 4G LTE data connectivity services in an article published on The Triton.

MDS 101 Wireless Router

4G LTE data connectivity
MDS 101 Wireless Router

4G LTE Data Connectivity

4G LTE data connectivity

MDS 101 Ideal for Yachts Cruising in the U.S.A.!

MDS 101 is designed with multiple antennas for maximum 4G LTE data connectivity service speed and US geographic coverage. Optional external antennas will improve performance in fringe coverage areas. Small mounting footprint and flexible power requirements make MDS 101 easy to install on any vessel, hence vastly improving your marine data services. Contact one of our authorized dealers today.

4G LTE Data Connectivity
Works on All Types of Motor Yachts


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4G LTE wireless router

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